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Sterling Silver 61x18 Sonora Sunset,2 8x6, 1.10 Carat Peridot  


Sonoran Sunrise Chrysocolla

Sonora Sunset, aka Sonoran Sunrise, is a Chrysocolla Cuprite stone.

The mostly solid red designer cabochons are sometimes called Crimson Cuprite.

Colorful semi-precious gemstone Chrysocolla Cuprite cabochons. The blue/green is Chrysocolla, the red is Cuprite, (but it also has Chalcotricite, which is the orangey red), and the black is Iron.


This Chrysocolla Cuprite is from the Milpillas Mine, Cuitata, Municipio de Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. The mine opened in 2006. Though most copper mines are open pit mines, this material is covered by 1000 feet of gravel!


Chrysocolla is known as a healing stone among Native American Indian cultures where it was used for strengthening the body's resistance and bringing about calm feelings where there is upset.

Chrysocolla is named from the Greek chrysos - "gold" and kolla - "glue" in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold. Cuprite is named from the Latin, cuprum, meaning copper.


Metaphysical Properties of Sonora Sunset:

Chrysocolla is associated with serenity, tranquility, peace, patience, tolerance, acceptance, unconditional love, meditation, calmness, hope, gentleness and sensitivity. Cuprite is believed to assist us in dealing with female relationships, mother, sister, daughter, wife or a female partner. Cuprite is also said to be helpful in dealing with major problems: irrational anxieties, terror from past traumas, and fear of dying.


Heals and Balances Chakra:

The blue and reddish shades of the Sonora Sunset activate the throat chakra along with the base and sacral chakra. The energies of Chryosolla and Cuprite control the flow of energy in the overall torso and help to align the free energy of the torso to the central gravity of the spirit. The triggered chakras too maintain the flow of information from the mind to the overall body and back from the body to the intellect. Throat chakra helps the soul to express the thoughts and ideas freely and openly to others without any hesitation. The eminence of Sonora Sunset too aligns the energies of the chakra with the energies of the overall torso to obliterate the negative out and balance the soul. It too helps in the non-linear communication by releasing confusion and dependency on the people around. The triggered base chakra helps the spiritual soul to connect self with the energies of the Mother Earth and feel grounded. The activated base chakra likewise clears the energy blockages and help to gain the vital information and understating from the mother nature. Furthermore, Sacral chakra leads to independence and proffers the courage for spontaneous leadership.



Peridot can be found in the Canary Islands, China, Brazil, Norway, Hawaii, Australia, Pakistan and South Africa. Burma produces some good peridots, however these tend to be a darker shade of green. Brazil, as well as Arizona and New Mexico, also provide some fine, though usually small gemstones.


Peridot, the birthstone for the month of August, is also given in celebration of the 16th year of marriage. Known as the stone of compassion, peridot is believed to bring good health, restful sleep and peace to relationships by balancing emotions and mind. This friendly bright green stone also has the uncanny ability to inspire eloquence and creativity; it also brings delight and good cheer. It attracts love and calms anger by giving renewal to all things.

The epic metaphysical powers that peridot possesses have been written about much throughout the ages. Legend says that if the gem is set in gold, the stone will develop its full potential as a talisman and will have the power to eradicate terrors of the night such as fearsome visions and nightmares.

However, according to the great Roman philosopher, Pliny the Elder, peridot must be worn on the right arm to work its most potent dispelling. The stone’s ability to glow like a hot coal under lamplight at night helps chase away foreboding night visions. Peridot has been long considered a powerful aid to repairing and maintaining friendship and, supposedly, it frees the mind of envious thoughts that can damage and strain relationships. It has also been used to protect believers from the evil eye.



Sterling Silver Sonora Sunset, Peridot

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  • **Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources.

    This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. Tobie’s Jewels does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.


    While gem stones are tough keep your stone long-lasting and durable, some stone are more delicate than others and can be easily scratched. Gem stones are very sensitive to pressure and high temperatures. (Do not soak or drench your stone) remember gem stones are nature’s gift from the earth. Avoid exposing stones to household cleaner’s bleaches or sulfuric acid. Clean your stones with a cool moist soft cotton cloth.

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