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Who I Am

Tobie's Jewels was created out of the desire to create, design, be daring and enjoy every moment.

I'm a mother and grandmother with a career for over 28 years in Hospitality and Corporate Hotel Sales.  After years of the hustle in the big city, I was blessed to land a job that I love and a perfect fit for time and life balance. It was time for me to enjoy my passion. I have always been a creative, crafty kind of girl.  From making my own wedding dress to handcrafting gifts for friends and family, I knew that I was in my happy place. After many years of beading, metalsmithing and lapidary classes I'm having the time of my life.   

Advancing from simple to complex over the years, complimenting each of my designs with Mother Nature’s natural Gem Stones. I am continually encouraged and mentored from professionally skilled designers who sharpen my techniques and broaden my talents as a jewelry designer artisan. 


In 2009, I presented Tobie’s Jewels designs at my first home jewelry show.  I have also showcased my designs as a featured vendor at Fetching Market Vintage & Handmade Artisans Wares, and Amdur Productions Fine Arts shows. In the spring of 2020, Tobie’s Jewels one-of-a-kind designs was featured at the Villager Gift Shop in Homewood, IL.     


By the Grace of God, I pray his gift will excel with each piece of jewelry I create.  Encouraged by my awesome husband, family and trusted friends, I'm hoping you will enjoy my designs as much as I've enjoyed making them.


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