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Enjoy one of my favorites in the Jazzy Brass collection. This Brass Collar Choker, (33 x 45) Russian Simbircite with Smoky Quarts earrings

This Brass Collar Russian Simbircite with Smoky Quarts.


The jaw-dropping gemstones Simbercite or Simbircite from the Russian city of Ulianovsk will leave everyone breathless. Acknowledge as a Chakra stone Simbircite promotes energy to ease fear, soothes and clears the mind, strengthens memory, and also promotes emotional balance and self-awareness.

The brass collar collection is paired with smoky quarts brass earrings.


Smoky Quarts

Smoky quartz called cairngorm, is found in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland.

Alluring smoky quartz (also known as smoky topaz*), named for its smokey color, is formed when rock crystal is naturally irradiated. (Its frequent inclusions of rutile needles, by the way, do not affect its quality.) Smoky quartz ranges in color from light grayish-brown to deep black. It is most typically transparent to translucent but can be opaque. Flat planes of smoky quartz were used by the Chinese in the 12th century for sunglasses. A variety of smoky quartz called cairngorm, found in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland, is used in Scottish jewelry and as a decoration on kilt pins. Smoky Quartz is used in a variety of jewelry, especially ring and pendant centerpieces. Lesser quality stones, usually with a lighter color, are used as beads or cabochons.


Meaning: Smoky quartz is prized for its perceived ability to ward off stress while promoting tolerance and resolve in difficult situations. It is thought to be a protective stone, with a strong association with the earth and base chakras, making it ideal for environmental consciousness. Smoky quartz is also believed to counter fear, overcome depression and bring about emotional stability while facilitating positive, practical thinking with clear insights.

Brass Collar Russian Simbircite with Smokey Quarts Ear Rings

SKU: 0001
  • Proper Care for your stones.

    While gem stones are tough keep your stone long-lasting and durable, some stone are more delicate than others and can be easily scratched. Gem stones are very sensitive to pressure and high temperatures. (Do not soak or drench your stone) remember gem stones are nature’s gift from the earth. Avoid exposing stones to household cleaner’s bleaches or sulfuric acid. Clean your stones with a cool moist soft cotton cloth.

  • **Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. Tobie’s Jewels does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

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